Custom Content. We may work with trusted marketing partners to bring you more useful and interesting advertising content on our Services and on third party sites and services. We may do this by sharing or matching the Personal Information you have provided us on the Services with the information (which may include Personal Information) you have provided third party marketing partners. If you do not want Ubisoft to match your Personal Information with trusted partners to tailor ads or other custom content for you on our Services and third party sites and services, you can uncheck the box next to “Share my information with select third parties” in your Uplay account settings at any time. When you uncheck this box, Ubisoft will no longer share your Personal Information with partners to tailor ads or other custom content for you following the date of your request. Please note that opting-out from the Custom Content will not change the behavior of third parties collecting information on the Services. Please see how to opt-out of third party collection in the “Passive Collection” Section above. The list of such trusted marketing partners includes Facebook Inc and LiveRamp Inc.